Enkyn's Eclectic Emporium: The Shop SignFang's Finest Emporium Enkyn's Eclectic Emporium: The Shop Sign
Enkyn's Emporium on Arkat Street
Welcome traveller to the finest eclectic emporium in the city of Fang, nay in the whole of the province of Chiang Mai! Here you will find an abundance of Fighting Fantasy information. No doubt your visit has something to do with the spectacle that is the Trial of Champions within Deathtrap Dungeon. We offer a feast of books and ephemora collected from throughout the lands of Titan and are pleased that you have chanced upon our doorway. My apologies for the recent closure of the emporium, but I have been travelling our weird and wonderful world compiling informtion for the great Fighting Fantasy Wiki - Titannica.

Please click on the doorway above or here to enter the Emporium. Before entering you may wish to read what the Emporium's objectives are. To do so please either click here or on the notice to the right of the door.

For those concerned about the legal position of the Emporium and its owner, please note that statements regarding that area are also contained on the note to the right of the doorway.

Please enjoy your visit to the Emporium and may your stay in Fang be an enjoyable one.


For your information, on the 26th day of Unlocking (March) in the year 303 AC (2003) I began to count the number of visits I have had in the Emporium. I should have done this the day I had completed renovations, but at the time it didn't occur to me. Anyway since 26th Unlocking I have had many visitors. Not so bad, although I am looking forward to the Trial Festivities. Fang will be thriving then.


The above picture of the City, with the exception of Enkyn's Emporium, is by Kevin S Williams.

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