Cloud Ale - A Personal Favourite



Ah! I see you have seen my tipple! Yes, I must confess that I do like the odd sip when perusing one of my books or manuscripts. I must have left that goblet there before retiring from the shop yesterday evening.

Chiang Mai, like all regions, has a number of its own alcoholic beverages. Wine is produced here, but is not of a high quality, since grapes seem to have nothing to do with the process. Some of the whiskey produced in the north eastern highlands of the region are quite good. Indiginous beer production is dominated by three brands of Stallion Beer, brewed near Claw. More recently "Badedas' Blue Brew" has become a local favourite. It is so named because the nephew of the wizard Badedas the Blue, on his uncle's demise, inherited a considerable sum and invested it in farmland and ale production. The beer itself is not blue at all. Early attempts to get a blue colour were made, by mixing it with Holdgut's Special Blue Ale. However, the taste of this concoction was disgusting. Badedas' Blue Brew is a rather nice beer, if a little weak.

Fortunately, due to the Trial of Champions Festivities, Ales and Spirits are brought in from all over Allansia to feed the demand, which local production simply cannot meet. Thus, in the taverns and inns of the city, you can find such beers as Holdgut's Special Blue, Full Moon Ale from Wolftown and Dwarvish Skullbuster, as well as a whole spectrum of spirits from Frostholm Firewater, to Shabakian Schnapps.

There are also imports from the Old World, with such ales as Lendale and Big Cedar Log (from the Northlands). Horse's March Stout from Lendleland is occasionally served in the out of town inns, where they like to show those rare travellers from Lendleland that they have a home from home. This is due to their common interest in horse breeding. The horse breeders of Chiang-Mai always harbour the hope that they can create potential trading links with the Lendlemen, who have the best horses in all Titan. Spirits such as Red Eye Rum, imported from Khare, are very popular in the less salubrious areas of the city. In some of the finer establishments Arkle Brandy and Telak's Sword Scotch can be obtained.

It has been rumoured that the Baron once tried to procure some Quillian Water for his Dungeon. Given that it looks and tastes like water he had hoped that it would trick some thirsty competitors into drinking it in great quantities. This would, of course kill them if they drank more than the equivalent of two small measures. However, after paying an enormous sum for the Quillian water, the Baron told his purchasing envoy that he should tell no-one, not even the captain of the ship sailing back from the Old World, that the Quillian Water was aboard. Unfortunately, the winds failed on the trip back to Allansia and the sailors became thirsty. Not knowing that it was Quillian Water, they drank the lot and all died. The ship drifted into Jarlhof Bay three years later, with only the diary of the envoy to tell the story of what had happened.

My personal favourite is an Allansian brew called Cloud Ale, brewed in the Dragon Reaches. I first tried this Ale because I had heard a rumour that ten mugs of it gave you the strength of a Hill Giant. I wanted to avenge my father's death at the time and felt that the strength of a Hill Giant would be a most useful advantage. However, I found that instead of getting a Hill Giant's strength, I got his brain power after ten mugs. I just had the illusion that I was incredibly strong, and then I passed out.

However, I acquired a taste for this ale and now always have a barrel of my own downstairs in the basement (although don't mention it to the authorities because I don't have a licence!)

Now then, for those articles and books which I am happy for you to browse through please ask me for my recommendations.