Ashra, Elim and Vuh

Before you is a very rare book about the Primal Deities: Ashra, Elim and Vuh.

Most places in Titan have long since forgotten these three ancient gods. But their effect on the world of Titan continues and their supporters are still active today.

In fact, a stronghold of their continued worship is right here in Northern Allansia. Not in Fang itself, I might add, but to th north and west of here in remote villages and mountain monastries.

If tales are to be believed then it is these gods who created the gods of the Celestial Court.

These books are rare and so I am afraid that I will only allow you to read a brief article from them. I suggest most strongly that you read the summary, which can also be found within the encyclopaedia of Theology.

Please be my guest to read about the Primal Deities Ashra, Elim and Vuh.