Noble Geneology of Gar-Goldoran and northern Allansia

I see you are interested in my rather wonderful books on the Royal Geneology of the region. These books cover the lines of all the great Goldoranese houses including Charavask and Kognoy, of course. However, they also chart other lineages such as the Kings of Salamonis, the royalty of Carsepolis etc etc. They are by one of the experts in this field, the 76th Mage of Goldoran (the first 75 being named, where possible, within the books themeslves).

I am afraid that I cannot let you read the books, after all, if I let you read through everything I have I would have nothing left to sell to you and it is most rare. For those articles and books which I am happy for you to browse through please ask me for my recommendations.