The lands of the Bronze Coast

This is a book about the once rich and exotic lands on the coast of the Sea of Pearls by the esteemed Landor Shanzul. You can read the introduction below or click on the book above to go straight to the article. The introduction to the book (reproduced below) describes the position of the lands it details. If you would like to see these lands then please do not hesitate to consult the map of I have of the area. Simply click on the map of Allansia below (this map is the one hanging up in the shop. To explore Allansia in more detail the best two options are either to visit the Book of Atlan which contains every map from the Fighting Fantasy series, or to visit Advanced Fighting which has a fully detailed map of the whole of Allansia amlgamating all of the information from all of the books into one marvellous colour map).

To the east of the mighty Plain of Bronze lies a stretch of highland, running from the river Nykosa in the north to the Sembian lowlands of far west Shabak in the south. These heights are the worn remnants of an ancient chain and in places still rise up to form imposing mountains to echo ancient glory. At the southern edge of the Kusmulia teeth, lie the still daunting Yggras Peaks but here also is an ancient road. Take this road east through the pass and it will rise so that soon you will see a plain before you beyond which lies the vast Sea of Pearls. Although the land is fertile, little is grown here and no civilisation flourishes. It is a part of Allansia that is now only known for its frequent storms and a beleaguered peasantry beset by marauding bandits who grandly call themselves warlords.

Yet were you to venture down from those hills and cross this land you might stumble across the ruins of some ancient town or city, long abandoned by civilisation. Listen closely to the wind as it whistles through those ruins for it carries with it the whispers of ghosts who would tell you of things past.

There is much to tell, for the history and culture of the civilisations that flourished here is rich and diverse in its tapestry. Yet knowledge of this history, beyond its borders, is confined to the great libraries of Titan and vague remembrances in tavern songs.

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