The lands of the Bronze Coast



(and the location of the Bronze Coast within it)

Before you see the map of the Bronze Coast it should be placed in context. Above is the continent of Allansia. You can see where the magnifying glass is. That is the Bronze Coast. Click on the magnifying glass for full detail. The map above is the one hanging up in the shop. To explore Allansia in more detail the best two options are either to visit the Book of Atlan which contains every map from the Fighting Fantasy series, or to visit Advanced Fighting which has the exclusive fully detailed version of the above map of the whole of Allansia, amlgamating all of the information from all of the books into one marvellous colour map.

In the far north are the mountains of the Icefingers and Freeze Blood Chains. In the Northwest is settled Allansia with the cities of Port Blacksand, Fang amd Salamonis, among others, as well as Darkwood Forest. Below that you can see the vast Desert of Skulls, giving way to the Snakelands and then the expansive Lizardman Empire. Travelling East from there and then South you come to the Glimmering Sea. North and to the east further still is the Plainof Bones and north of this is the Plain of Bronze. To the east of here is the peninsular of Shabak.

This is a book on the once rich and exotic lands on the coast of the Sea of Pearls. Take a look at the detailed map and visit these places.

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