A Candle from Erethrim's



Galor Erethrim is a reknowned Elven candle maker from Port Blacksand. He makes twice yearly trips up here to Fang and often calls in for some curiosity or another.

More often than not he will pay me in candles, for which I am not displeased. Galor's candles are the best I have ever come across. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can have the colour of your choice (I personally prefer traditional white but that's just me). Galor also produces magical candles which can induce visions and knock people out. The one you are looking at now has the ability to hypnotize people. It is relatively expensive, admittedly. However, if you want to brave Port Blacksand for a cheaper deal then be my guest, although give me the address of any of your loved ones so that I can send them the bad news in advance.

If you really want to visit Galor Erethtrim's Candle shop then, when you are in Blacksand, go down to the Harbour District and you will find his shop on the corner of Tower Street and Stable Street, next door to Ben Borryman's (the Silversmith).

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