Deathtrap Dungeon 3


Being the account of the Third Champion of Deathtrap Dungeon (the Trial for which my city is now so famous)

A most rare copy of this account. Please have a look by either clicking on the above book or here.The rarity is magnified because the book has been ordered to be destroyed by Baron Sukumvit. He has publically declared that this is not due to any embarassment on his part but is for the good of the reputation of Fang. The Baron Sukumvit has also declared that the Trial of Champions was null and void in the year that this champion came through it alive, due to a host of, mostly undisclosed, reasons.

Thus, although Blood Island was given over to the Champion, this gift was withdrawn whilst the champion was en route to the coast and access was denied.

As to the fate of the third champion I do not know. Certainly the money given over to the unofficial champion should have enabled them to lead a prosperous life. However, it is a life dogged by the knowledge that the Baron's agents will be happy to dispose of all evidence that the Dungeon was defeated a third time.