Dragon Statue



I see you are interested in my statue of the great Red Dragon "Sulvermil". Reputedly the name of the first of the Red Dragons. Those priests of Kilanirax who are devoted to the way of the Red Dragon go by the name the Order of Sulvermil.

If you would like to know more about the Dragon Lore of Titan then I have two excellent volumes for you.

The first is a small book on the origins of Dragons, their various types, sub-species and other variants. It also answers some age-old questions on these fantastic beasts. This book is also contained in its entirety within the encyclopaedia of Theology.

The second is an account of the Temple of the Dragon Lord in far off Alkemis.

I would also recommend Out of the Pit for further details.

For those articles and books which I am happy for you to browse through please ask me for my recommendations: