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Greetings and salutations to you who would wish to learn more of the Gods of Titan! For those of you who have adventured through this wondrous but troubled world I needn't remind you of the importance our Gods play. Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or a fledgling adventurer; warrior, magic user, priest or scholar, the information you will find contained within these tomes will be invaluable to you.

The Gods are worshipped under many different names and fashions throughout the realms of Titan. Essentially, however, it is from the same pantheon of Gods that these religions draw upon, although greater emphasis is placed upon different deities in different parts of the world.

The volumes I present to you are a humble attempt to place onto parchment many years worth of collected knowledge about the Gods. This has been gleaned from my own travels throughout Titan, from the study of important texts and from many discussions and debates with highly respected scholars, priests and seasoned campaigners (who I can not thank highly enough).

The beauty of the fountain of knowledge is that its waters never run dry, no matter how much you drink. I acknowledge this wisdom and am therefore aware that these volumes are not complete. I humbly ask of all those who have knowledge of the Gods not contained within these writings to contact me with their findings. Only then can the volumes approach completeness. To relay such knowledge please send word to me at enkyn@fightingfantasy.org.uk or visit and make yourself heard at Rebuilding Titan a forum which I am proud to be associated with.

For those of you who wish to seek out a specific God or theological reference, then simply look for that God alphabetically in the alphabetical index in the frame to the left. Those names that would normally be preceded by the word 'The' have been placed in alphabetical order by ignoring the word 'The'. For example 'The Horned God' would be found under H as 'Horned God, The'. Alternatively you may wish to peruse the Charts of the Gods, which are an attempt to display the relationships and family trees of the Gods of Titan. Please note that these charts are not accepted in their entirety by all faiths.

The encyclopaedia will eventually index all the information in a variety of ways; for instance by location and by type, e.g. Cities & Buildings; Fields & Plains; Plants; Individuals (and types of individuals) etc. On the left you can see the main alphabetical index, and below that a variety of other indexes as well, which will be added to in the fullness of time.

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Please enjoy your study of the Gods and may what you learn here today guide and serve you in your future travels throughout Titan.