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I am glad to see that you have not passed by the doorway and have entered the Emporium. One of the finest sources of information about what travellers refer to as 'The Fighting Fantasy World'.

Feel free to browse through the emporium.

Simply point (and click) at whatever interests you and I will endeavour to tell you more about that item. For my favourite recommendations just ask here.

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The Rise and Fall of the Celenesian Alliance The Peoples of Titan The Horses of Chiang-Mai Hachiman - A Warrior Culture Irritarian Empires The Secret Beauty of the River Kok The Mysterious Ways of the Gumar Hunter Old World Politics Old World Politics The War of the Four Kingdoms The Perils of the Pagan Plains The Sentinels of Zengis In the Shadow of the Icefingers The Fall of Gar-Goldoran The Encyclopaedia Titannica The Laurel Crown The 'Walk' The House of Charavask No Credit Allowed! Workers Needed! The Sale of Fine Chiang-Mai Horses The Great Book of Atlan A Ceiling of Ash Ironstone Floor Analandish Scales A most precious Violet Armband - the sign of a Contender Essence of Jenkel Root Statue of Sulvermil the Red The Devolution of Species A number of Rare Books on the Kami of Hachiman Runestone Box Dice - for Games of Titan Talisman The Fighting Fantasy Collection The Bronze Coast Deathtrap Dungeon III The Complete Titan Calendar The Theology Encyclopaedia The Theology Encyclopaedia Enchanted Pyramid Crystal The Herbs and Poisons of Titan Local Interest A collection of Undead Literature My membership of the Fang Merchants Guild Royalty of the Region Chiang-Mai and Kay-Pong - Goldoran's Phoenixes The Islands of Titan Khare - Behind the Legend The Book of Dragons The Primal Deities The Great Map of Allansia Jet, a Jarlhof Retriever A special candle Erethrim's Hypnotic Candle Parchment from Kaad A Spider's Web Cod Berry's Sweets An Imperial Sword Cloud Ale - A Favourite Tipple If you are from outside Fang, or indeed have never visited Emporium before, perhaps you might want to know more about the shop, its owner and indeed Fang.


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Arkat Street, Fang - The Home of the Emporium
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Enkyn's Eclectic Emporium: The Shop Sign
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If you do not have the time to browse through the shelves, boxes and books then please ask me for my recommendations and I will be glad to assist.

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There are other places you can visit which may serve to help quench your thirst for knowledge about Titan. I will be happy to give you some advice.

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