The Fighting Fantasy collection

In the late 3rd century AC several great Salamonian scholars wrote down a wonderful series of books concerning the mighty Eros of the time. Such was the breadth of heroic achievements that many have termed this period the Second Time of Heroes. This series of books has been called Fighting Fantasy in some lands.

The series itself was a collection of many, often unconnected stories. Included within the collective term 'Fighting Fantasy' are a number of other sub-series, such as the Mampangiad (Sorcery!) and the Bardic Tales of Chadda Darkmane (sometimes called the Fighting Fantasy novels).

I have three things that you may peruse in this section:

First, is the complete listing of all books (and associated books) puzzles and other ephemera connected with this great series of books written by the Salamonian scholars. It is in the form of a checklist, and this list is inclusive of every cover produced of each book.

The complete checklist.

Second, is a listing of the variant names of the books found in Titan. Many people know the books by the strange Salamonian names they were originally given, such as 'The Citadel of Chaos' instead of the more popular Allansian name of the tale which is 'The Tyrant of Craggen Rock', or 'Sorcery!' instead of 'The Mampangiad'. This list will enable you to recognise what each tale's alternative names is.

The alternative names

Third is a list of the names of the artists and cartographers whose great works adorned these books.

The artists