I see that you interested in Talisman. As I mentioned before you decided to peruse this area further, Talisman is a game played in many parts of Titan. It is an ancient game, if the records are to be believed and I cannot trace its precise Allansian or Titanian routes.

Some say that it is based in a fictional land. Others say that it is another sister-world of Titan. However, the theory to which I subscribe is that it portrays an event or events that happened deep in the past of Titan. Certainly, the characters you meet and adopt in the game are all very similar in type to those found here on Titan. The ultimate aim of the game itself is to gain the Crown of Command which is incredibly similar to the Crown of Kings. The origins of the Crown of Kings itself are shrouded in mystery. I would not be surprised if the Netherworld Sorcerers, from whom the Crown of Kings was a gift, would be able to shed some light on the legend of Talisman and the Crown of Command. These strange beings are ancient and learned and would certainly know if the link was a real one.

The game itself is wonderful. Ancient in origin as it is, the versions we see now were produced by Games Workshop in the mid 280’s AC (equating to mid-1980's). The Games Workshop being an invention of the two greatest of the Salamonian Scholars, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.

In the original game of Talisman, you assume the role of 1 of 14 characters, travelling through Talisman’s mystic world in order to discover the Talisman itself. The ultimate aim is to travel to the Crown of Command, which you must take and use to exercise complete dominion over the land and defeat all other players. Your character can grow stronger and wiser by discovering new items, meeting new companions and followers and by fighting against the many enemies that will stand in your way. The game contains a huge variety of random cards which will alter your path (such as events, monsters, followers, gold and other objects) and you can also buy a variety of equipment (like swords, shields etc). Each individual character has different abilities as well. All this goes towards making the game highly unpredictable and no two games are alike.

This, by itself, is fantastic. However, there are additional ‘expansions’ to the original game to add even more texture:
Talisman - The Expansion.
Talisman - The Dungeon.
Talisman - City
Talisman – Timescape
Talisman - The Adventure
Talisman - The Dragons

Each of these add something different to the game. Some are rarer than others with the rarest (The Dragons) being incredibly rare. I have only ever seen this set (except for my own) in Salamonis itself, although apparently certain parts of Gallantaria and Femphrey boast some sets.

My contribution to the world of Talisman is to have produced a definitive and illustrated:

Contents Guide to the Complete Talisman Set


There are many fantastic places where you can learn about Talisman. Experts in this game share their thoughts in these places. I have a love for the game but am not among this elite. I would simply direct you to one such place, my favourite:

Kulkmann's Gamebox

Once there you can assimilate much information on the subject of Talisman, and using the waysign there, you will be directed to the most essential other Talisman sites.