Jet, a Jarlhof Retriever



That is my faithful hound, Jet. The name given to him by his mother's owner was Obsidian, due to his colour. However, I felt that it was a bit of a mouthful so I stayed faithful to the sentiment but shortened the name.

Jet is a Jarholf Retriever, a breed which gets its name from the Jarholf peninsular of North Eastern Allansia, where it was originally bred. In fact, there are very few such animals outside of North East Allansia. I was lucky enough to have done a man from Vynheim a favour, for which he repaid me with a puppy. The breed itself is renowned as a an excellent companion on the hunt, both for its amazing sense of smell and its ability to bring down wounded animals up to the size of deer.

This one prefers to exercise his sleeping skills, although I wouldn't suggest you wake him, unless you are a friend, or have food.

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