The Kami or Gods of Hachiman

Before you is a very rare set of books about Hachiman.

To most of us, much of Titan is unknown and tales from far off places build pictures in our minds of strange and wonderous lands. One such land is the isolated country of Hachiman. Said to have been untouched by even the War of the Wizards (or War against Chaos as it was known in Khul) this far off land has been all but unaffected by the politics of the rest of Titan.

However, if tales are to be believed, those that live in Hachiman are not strangers to war. In fact, the name of their land is shared by their God of War, and they are a warrior society ruled over by a chief warlord also known as Shogun.

Closest in culture to Hachiman are the Isles of the Dawn, of whom it is said that we in the province of Chiang Mai have some ancient connection. But even then the differences between the Isles and Hachiman are stark.

There are some scholars who have ventured there. One such scholar was Landor Shanzul, and from him we have an account of the strange pantheon of gods worshipped in the far away land of Hachiman. This account is also contained within the encyclopaedia of Theology.

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