Titan Rebuilding


Places of Interest

The Enchanted Far Seeing Crystal

If you want to find out more about this world of Titan in which we live then I can recommend the following places for you to visit. Some of these would normally involve journeying across the wild lands of Allansia, others even further abroad across the oceans to far off Khul or the Old World. However, my crystal pyramid is more than an ornament. Choose your location from my recommendations and through the pyramid you will be able to instantly access the information the site has to offer:


Titannica - The Fighting Fantasy Wiki


The greatest single source of information compiled on the world of Titan and its enduring ethos known as Fighting Fantasy. In 307 AC, messages were sent out from the great enclaves of learning. Kaynlesh-Ma, Royal Lendle and Salamonis sent word by man and beast to the scholars of Titan of their intention to create the greatest tribute to Hamaskis that had even been made. A vast tome covering all aspects of Titan was to be made. They wanted to put aside any rivalry between them and work collaboratively towards this end and in so doing invite scholars of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge to help them in their endeavour. The result is a wonderful, far ranging series of articles that continues to grow apace. Through the new magic the scholars call wiki, this vast tome is available to contributors across the globe and once updated in one location is magically updated in all other locations. A triumph of sorcerous ingenuity! The Titannica community would implore you to please join if you would like to contribute to this greatest of all Titan's scholastic achievements.

Without the protective shields of the High Priest of Hamaskis, the great Halls of Rebuilding Titan have been all but abandoned. Although its archives remain intact, there are a number of messages which have no business being there, but the wise of the council could do little to stop this intrusive element.

Thus the new Halls of Titan Rebuilding have been erected and here the Grey Mage holds sway. The members of this Hall continue the work of Rebuilding Titan and here they are once more focused and unhindered. A greater depth of knowledge about Titan could not be found elsewhere. Discussions include the peoples, creatures, locations, history and magic of Titan. They would implore you to please join if you would like to contribute or just observe.

Rebuilding Titan


Rebuilding Titan

This is a forum dedicated to the pursuit of bringing together the strands of information about Titan from all its sources and forming a comprehensive and cohesive picture of Titan. The members of this forum discuss: the peoples, creatures, locations, history and magic of the world.

Its information resources are vast and it would be surprising if any subject you wish to address will not be touched upon somewhere within the vast minutes of the meetings of this forum


Fighting Fantasy Collector


Many of us, including myself I must admit, have attempted to collect all the related works of the great Salamonian scholars of the late 3rd century AC concerning the mighty heroes of the time. Such was the breadth of heroic achievements that many have termed this period the Second Time of Heroes. This series of books has been called Fighting Fantasy in some lands.

The Fighting Fantasy Collector, a renowned but mysterious bibliophile, has agreed to display the vast and wonderful collection he has amassed to those that are interested. I would wholeheartedly recommend a visit to his halls where even I have come across some gems of which I had previously known nothing.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy


The AFF banner


This is the hub of the online Fighting Fantasy community. Its vast halls are open to all those interested in visiting it. The home of the official Fighting Fantasy mailing list, and the internet's largest community of amateur Fighting Fantasy authors and fans. Within the libraries of AFF you will find - adventures, reviews, interviews with authors and illustrators. A place not to be missed.


Fighting Fantasy.com


The Coast of Arms of FF.com

These impressive halls have long been abandoned. However, the contents have remained intact and will still yield much information to those who are willing to make the journey.


The Black Tower


The Black Tower

Do not let the scary edifice of the Black Tower prevent you from visiting this site. Within you will be welcomed and given access to a number of valuable resources including a F.A.Q. and some nice adventures. Of particular interest is the "Your Adventure is over" section.


Demian Katz's Gamebook Website



Demian Katz is a renowned authority among the book dealing fraternity of Titan. His abode contains excellent and extensive information not only for Fighting Fantasy books but also for all forms of gamebooks. Includes Reviews, an extremely useful Trading board to find that rare gamebook you can't get hold of, and Character Sheet Scans from a variety of series.




Amylase's Symbol

A very useful Fighting Fantasy site containing several amateur books, resources and interviews, including the fate of the mysterious Fighting Fantasy #60, Bloodbones. What does Amylase mean, you'll ask? Well, I'll let you find out there, but it's probably not what you expected! Click on the above icon to view Amylase.


The Shrine of Hamaskis


The Shrine of Hamaskis - Hamaskis himself

The High Priest has opened his Shrine to visitors and the opportunity to visit it should not be overlooked. This a most comprehensive site for geographical and historical details of Titan, the Fighting Fantasy world. The Shrine includes information on every aspect of Titan, from continents and nations to towns and villages and is continuing to grow.


Yaztromo's Tales of Yore


Yaztromo's Tales - told from his rocking chair

In the words of my good friend, the High Priest of Hamaskis, this site contains "a collection of unorthodox gamebooks and other information featuring many of the characters and settings of Titan, but with several noticeable differences.” Visit it if you get the chance.


The Realms of Shabak


The Realms of Shabak and the Coat of Arms

This realm has rarely been visited by those from outside its boundaries and long remained an enigma. Now, however, the Grand Vizier has sent out word that visitors are welcome and bids that they enjoy their trip. I would urge you to visit Shabak, for it contains much wonderful historical information and ideas to inspire those who would adventure in the lands of Allansia.


Yaztromo's Fighting Fantasy Website


Yaztromo greets you to his FF website

This site has a number of interesting features for the adventurers among you. Notably, the tour of Port Blacksand, the notorious City of Thieves (only 6 days journey from Fang, by boat) should not be missed.


The AFF Yahoo Forum


The AFF Yahoo Forum Banner

The Halls of Advanced Fighting Fantasy.com also play host to a Forum welcoming all those who wish to discuss the many facets of Fighting Fantasy. In this great forum you will find multifarious conversations and debates. The forum also contains a vast archive of all messages posted there.

The message of the founder of this forum is thus: "Everyone is welcome to discuss the FF game, the rules, the Titan world and of course the FF and AFF series of books. We would be delighted if you post new ideas, FF adventures, AFF campaigns and amateur stories... "

Travellers have reliably informed me that the location of this forum has twice moved. First to http://www.advancedfightingfantasy.com/forums/

Then it moved to the main forum at: www.fightingfantasygamebooks.com


The Archives of Lord Easterbrook


The Lord Easterbrook has kindly opened up his vast archives for those who are interested to peruse his extensive collection of Titan literature. The Lord Easterbrook would ask that only the covers are looked at for the contents of the manuscripts are sometimes fragile and very precious. A superb collection.

The Oracle


The Oracle

The Starstone Caves are reported to rival our own Deathtrap Dungeon for sheer numbers of deadly traps and cunning foes. Should you wish to brave these dangers you may be lucky enough to be granted an audience with the Oracle himself.




The Sign of Dungeoneers

The Dungeoneers are a group of six young adventurers who have decided to allow others to hear about their adventures.


Wizard Books


The New Wizard symbol for FF
It has been many years since the Salamonian scholars wrote down their tales of heroism and adventure. Having obtained the original manuscripts a new print house is republishing the books. It is said that a powerful wizard heads up this print house, hence the name given. The print house, I am led to believe, is no longer in Salamonis, but based out of Kaad. I am not sure on this point, but simply follow the link and you will be transported there, wherever it may be.

Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks


A close association has sprung between Wizard Books, the new print house which is republishing the Fighting Fantasy books, and the Lord of the Halls of Advanced Fighting Fantasy.com. This has led to the development of fightingfantasybooks.com, where much exclusive information is held regarding Titan. It is also home to the newly established 'Adventurers Guild'.

Fighting Fantasy World


The reknowned Mosaic of FF books

This location is famed for its wonderful mosaic of the Fighting Fantasy collection, a tribute to the patience of its webmaster. However, the Fighting Fantasy World offers more than that and is well worth a visit.



Fighting Fantasy.org - The Banner

Through wonderous application of simple but effective incantations a number of sorcerers have created a 'site' where what they call 'On-line gamebooks' can be created. From my sources, I am told that these books enable a user to read books effortlessly on 'the web'. It is also said that the stories will be ones written since the Salamonian works of the late 3rd century, and if certain Salamonian laws are complied with and permissions granted, the actual Salamonian works themselves may one day be found here in this wonderous new form.


WEB RPG: Townhall Forum


The Townhall's Sign
This is another meeting place for the travellers of Titan to come and discuss things they have seen, rumours and to find out other news about the world of Fighting Fantasy. Once, the Town Hall was one of the focal points of the community but this has shifted somewhat. Especially since the older, impressive archives of the Townhall were sadly lost due to a fire in the vaults of this forum. However, it still very much worth taking a look at if you have time. Also no harm comes of announcing any news you may have in this forum on top of the other more popular ones.

Titan Cross


The Coat of Arms of Azzur
This is a most intriguing venue. The primary language used here is beyond my understanding, being in a different script (although I am told that those visitors from Hachiman understand the script entirely). However, there is enough of the language you are reading right now, for you to find your way around this site. It has a number of detailed lists concerning the world of Titan which may be of interest as well as other interesting items.

Fighting Fantasy Project


Many famous quests of the late third century AC were laid down on parchment by the Salamonian scholars. These we call 'Fighting Fantasy'. In the House of the Fighting Fantasy Project the magic system of HTML (perfected in Alkemis I think) is manipulated using a magical tool called FBOOK, developed by the mysterious 'webmaster' of this site. This allows would be adventurers to experience Fighting Fantasy adventures 'online' (a phrase used to represent activity in a mystical plane known as the 'web', perhaps something to do with Arhallogen, Queen of Spiders). Visit this venue for more information.

Sorcery! by Steve Jackson


This small hall on the shores of Lake Libra is owned by a former pupil of the Academy of Battlemasters of northern Analand. It contains a homage to the journey of the great warrior known as the Analander, whose story was immortalised in the four volumes of Sorcery!

Steve Jackson's Abandon Art



This huge gallery, based in Challanabrad, features the works of many of Titan's great painters and sculptors of the third century AC. It is well worth taking a stroll through its wonderful corridors.


The Chronicles of Arborell


The Chronicles of Arborell is a series of interactive fantasy novels, associated novellas, and web-based serial fiction that allows the reader to find their own way through an epic adventure, and in the process explore the rich history and lore of a world locked in conflict.

The Book of Legends


The master of these halls welcomes those who are searching for resources for amateur Fighting Fantasy and Advanced Fighting Fantasy adventures, providing links to amateur FF on the web and taking requests to host adventures.




The Official Sculptors of the Court of Salamonis. Having sculpted many figures from the original Salamonian works, they have sharpened their chisels once more.

dungeoneer group


The overseers of this group invite you and your friends to create your own fantasy films! No expensive equipment is needed - you will be imagining the senarios in the club, and you and your trusty band of heroes will be playing all the roles yourselves! Nor are there complicated rules to learn before you start. They will explain the rules in easy stages as the RP progresses. So are you ready? Then let the games begin...



I cannot describe this fascinating library better than its own Archive Keeper: "Welcome to the library of free online and offline gamebooks. Enjoy the benefits of internet free gamebooks kindly offered to all … by the authors of all those great stories of bravery and adventure. Save your money and visit the exhaustive list of freeware fantasy gamebooks listed. Get involved in the magic worlds of Magnamund, Arborell or Allansia, read about their history, uncover the vast plots of enemies, fight the hostile creatures from the worst nightmares. Become a hero by yourself, download for free, read, play, enjoy."

Mithrandir's Gamebook Grotto



A wealth of artwork from the original great works of the Salamonian scholars of the late third century (The Fighting Fantasy series and Sorcery!). Obviously a most experienced campaigner and adventurer.


Martin McKenna



The galleries are open for one of Titan's most renowned artists.




This congress of modern day scholars from the Old World and Allansia have taken a number of the Salamonian works of the late third century (The Fighting Fantasy series and Sorcery!) and have re-worked them for a different audience. Their works include some wonderful illustrations and new maps. They have also included some information not known to the population at large, the result of extensive research in the great libraries of Titan.

Fighting Fantasy MSN Group



There are some posts of interest on these message boards but visitors will have to sift through much irrelevance to find them.


fightingfantasy2 · Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks



This club was made to weed out any spamming or hoaxing that occurred in the webRPG townhall forum.


Gamebook Collectors



Serious choose your own adventure/ gamebook collectors need help completing collections, lets help each other find the books we love so much!


gamebooks · The Gamebook List



This list is devoted to gamebooks such as the Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf books and all other forms of printed interactive fiction. The list will also be used to announce updates to Demian's Gamebook Web Page.


Advanced Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Games



Dedicated to the "Advanced Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Game"


Molochs' Gamebook Garden



A once thriving community which has all but faded into the mists of Titan, but their archives survive in this Garden.


Fighting Fantasy Webring



A growing collection of the great Halls of Fighting Fantasy lore.