The Purpose and Objects of the Emporium

(and Legal Statement as required by the authorities of Fang)


(The writing contained on the notice below is rather small and if you have difficulty in reading it please note that below the notice is a transcript of what the notice contains.)


The Objects of the Emporium displayed on a scroll outside


The purpose of this emporium is to present to those who visit it a collection of useful and interesting items about Titan, the Fighting Fantasy world. It is intended that the items within the emporium will act as a resource for Fighting Fantasy enthusiasts, add texture to the world of Titan and/or provide a source of ideas and concepts that will hopefully inspire others.

For information on the owner of the emporium and on Fang, the city in which this shop finds itself please see the link within the emporium. Fang, in this context, is a fictional city in the realm of Allansia and first appeared within the book Deathtrap Dungeon by Ian Livingstone as part of the Fighting Fantasy™ world of Titan. The emporium's representation of any element it uses from the Fighting Fantasy world is designed to be compatible with all other material written on the subject of Fang, Allansia and Titan as a whole. However, no prior knowledge of the Fighting Fantasy™ world or system is required to enjoy your visit.

Copyright notice: The contents of the emporium are not intended to infringe upon the copyright of Penguin Books, Wizard Books or the authors of any Fighting Fantasy novels. Although the text in the emporium has been written by the shop owner or donated by visitors, the names of many characters and places were invented by Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone or one of the sub-authors working on the series. Also, the world of Titan and the concept of the Fighting Fantasy system originated with these people. I apologise for any unwitting breach of copyright and will correct any found if I am formally requested to do so by the copyright owner. Any queries should be addressed to the Webmaster, whose details can be found within the emporium (see 'About'). The Webmaster acknowledges all trademarks contained within the texts and does not intend to exploit them for commercial gain. A number of the images within the Book of Atlan and the Theology encyclopaedia are accredited to the original artists and are reproduced without permission of the artists and I will remove them if I am formally instructed to do so.

The Baron Sukumvit wishes it known that he has no responsibility for any of the contents of the Emporium.

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