About the owner of the Emporium

The name on the sign outside is Enkyn and indeed the Emporium is owned in part by me Paljat Enkyn. Born here in Fang, a number of years ago, I grew up in one of the dockside quarters of the city. I have rarely left Chiang-Mai except for the odd excursion up the river to Zengis and once down to Port Blacksand, a journey I never intend to repeat. The knowledge I have built up over the years about the wider world of Allansia and indeed Titan has been gleaned from conversations with the many visitors to Fang I have met, who have come here either due to the River trading route or due to the festival of the Trial of Champions held here every year.

My richest source of information has been through my long association with the traveller and scholar Landor Shanzul, who in fact supplied me with much of the money I needed to open this shop. Landor, apart from having been an adventurer in his younger years, is a member of the Rebuilding Titan forum and a close associate of the council of AdvancedFightingFantasy.com, (though sometimes he goes by the name of Ken in these circles). From these rich sources he has been able to obtain even more knowledge of Titan and indeed many of the books I have here are through his contacts.

Landor (or Ken being his more familiar name) retains a share of ownership of this Emporium. Indeed, due to his greater involvement in the outside world Ken is more accustomed to dealing with queries from visitors from foreign climes. This being the case, if you have any queries regarding the content or design of the shop, or wish to inform us of any legal matters then please contact Ken at enkyn@fightingfantasy.org.uk, and he will address your query or concern.

Enjoy your visit to the Emporium!