The Finest Parchment



I don't know why, and I don't know how, but Kaad has become the best place in north west Allansia for parchment. You'd think Salamonis, with its reputation for intellectual excellence, or even Zengis with its extensive priesthoods, would fill that niche. But no. Kaad is where I send my most precious books to be bound, and Kaad is where I will try to get parchment from.

Some have suggested that Kaad's religious and intellectual reputation has old roots entwined with ancient religious cults. This led perhaps for a need to produce parchment upon which texts could be written. Although the religions may have crumbled, the traditional craftsmanship of parchment making has not.

Before you is a box, now almost empty, which contained parchment from Kester Bolin & Son. Perhaps the finest parchment merchants and book binders in Kaad. I am expecting another shipment in the next month or so (or rather the Baron is, and I have a friend on Dwight's Wharf who has a friend who can 'obtain' some of the Baron's stock).

Now then, for those articles and books which I am happy for you to browse through please ask me for my recommendations.