Potions, Herbs and Poisons


As you can see I have many, many jars and bottles and other containers, most of which are on this shelf. These contain all manner of herbs and potions (and some poisons). I am not an apothecary by any means. However, I do like to keep a selection in stock.

In the recent renovations to the shop I have managed to mix up a number of jars and labels, so I am still going through my inventory. However, I have identified a few. Those which I have identified are listed below. Please be assured that I will eventually identify them all, so come back regularly to see updates in this area. Also note that you can point to the jars above and if I have identified its contents I will tell you about it.

A Selection of Fungi from Darkwood

There are many different types of fungi found throughout the world. However, in northern Allansia, those found in Darkwood are more highly sought after than any other. In this box I have a collection of such mushrooms.

The red-topped fungi, as we call it, is poisonous and causes stomach cramps.

The purple-topped fungi is more poisonous still, and can release a toxic gas if handled incorrectly.

The green-topped fungi is highly beneficial to your health and is very good for stamina.

The violet coloured mushroom is a magical hallucinogen wih strange effects on both your skill and bizarrely your luck.

Well that is all I have identified thus far. Please continue to browse, or ask me for my recommendations.