Khulian Encyclopaedia:

Being the most comprehensive work on the many aspects of the Dark Continent, from its histories and heroes to its flora and fauna.

Titan's Timeline:

Being the timeline of Titan from its very beginning to the New Age. This timeline will list every major event recorded in the literature available from the great libraries of Titan.

The Great Book of Atlan:

Being a collection of maps of the world of Titan (and beyond).

The Theology Encyclopaedia:

Being the ultimate guide to the Gods of Titan

Deathtrap Dungeon 3:

Being the account of the Third Champion of Deathtrap Dungeon (the Trial for which my city is now so famous)

The Complete Calendar of Titan:

Being a most amazing calendar which through skilful and intricate charms can tell you the name of any day, month and year from the very beginning of Old Time to the present day. It gives both Allansian, Khulian and Hachimanian variations.

The lands of the Bronze Coast:

Being an article on the once rich and exotic lands on the coast of the Sea of Pearls.

The Fighting Fantasy collection:

Being a complete listing of all books (and associated books) puzzles and other ephemera associated with the great series of books written by the Salamonian scholars in the late 3rd century AC. (also the

Board and Card games of Titan:

The shop contains versions of some of the more popular games played here in Northern Allansia, including DemonDare, Market Mayhem, Mungies Gold, and Runestones. Also the lesser known Battlecards and Talisman, played in parts of the Old World, are in the shop.

On Dragons:

Being a small book on the origins of Dragons, their various types, sub-species and other variants. It also answers some age-old questions on these fantastic beasts. (This is contained within the encyclopaedia of Theology as well)

The Kami of Hachiman:

Being an account of the strange pantheon of gods worshipped in the far away land of Hachiman. (This is contained within the encyclopaedia of Theology as well)

On Ashra, Elim and Vuh:

Being an account of the three Primal Deities, their part in creation and subsequent role in the history of our world. (This is contained within the encyclopaedia of Theology as well)

Recommended Places to Visit:

Being a list of those places I recommend if you want to find out more about this world of Titan in which we live.