Renovations and Additions


A Note on Dates

Recent Renovations

19 August 2005, (305AC (Year of the Crocodile), Watching, the nineteenth day thereof, - in Khul: Man's Harvetsing, the twenty-first day thereof)

Titan's Atlas, The Book of Atlan, has been substantially improved>Let me look

Much has been done to the Book of Atlan to improve it:

The Detailed area which shows every location mentioned in all the books, whether on maps or in the text of the books, has been completely renovated:

The complete world of Titan has a front page showing the globe and also the continental layout.
The Oceans have been defined and have an animation detailing their borders.
The Khulian continent area is now much more navigable, sitting within a new frame lay out.
The Allansia and Old World continents now have front pages ready for detail to be added.

Many other small changes have also been made, to numerous to list here, just to keep the running of the Emporium smooth.


24 March 2005, (305AC (Year of the Crocodile), Unlocking, the twenty-fourth day thereof, - in Khul: Land's Awakening, the twenty-third day thereof)

Titan's Encyclopaedia frontpage added >Let me look

Despite not updating this page for almost a year, much work has been done on the Emporium. Always, this page is the last thought when it should be the first. I realise that I need to let the visitors to the Emporium know what is happening, but I always put it to the backburner, thinking that the time could be better spent on development. I apologise.

The Encyclopaedia of Khul is in a most healthy state, and although revisions, additions and improvements can always be made it is for all intents and purposes fully functioning with all Khulian bassed books catalogued. The links within it have been sharpened and new indexes added including book specific indexes. Also all entries have links to and from their parent indexes.

The Theology Encyclopaedia has been completely renovated to exist in the same form as the Khulian Encyclopaedia and is fully linked to it. This is a vast improvement for this tome and means that the Gods and other Spirits are fully catalogued by book, type, location and alphabetically.

Encyclopaedias for the Old World and Allansia have also been added but in completely rudimentary form. The only data that is within them at the moment is that which crosses over with the Theology and Khulian Encyclopaedias. However, they have been built in the same way as for Khul and are ripe for information to be added. As it is done so it will be added in a fully indexed form. Very exciting.

Together these form an Encyclopaedia Titannicca and as such a front page has been added. Enjoy your visit.


Generally the Emporium has been cleaned and all links should work. The sad dissappearance of the site 'The Realms of Shabak' means that the link no longer goes to that site. However, it does link to a page within the Emporium which has some salvaged information from that wonderful site.


10 April 2004, (304AC, Sowing, the tenth day thereof, - in Khul: Heaven's Weeping, the eleventh day thereof)

Titan's Timeline Area added >Let me look

The timeline of Titan will chart the history of Titan from its creation to the New Age. For now the, timeline is embryonic. This timeline does, and will continue to owe much to the efforts of the High Priest of Hamaskis and to those scholars with the Rebuilding Titan forum.

The timeline will chart a single line up to the Splitting of Irritaria, and then it too will split to cover the different landmasses.

1 March 2003, (304AC, Unlocking, the first day thereof, - in Khul, Land's Awakening, the first day therefore)

Khul Encyclopaedia now online > Let me look

Over 1300 headings detailing all aspects of the Dark Continent. The entries are derived from those books which wholly or partly concern Khul.

The Khulian Encyclopaedia and its companion volume 'The Atlas of Khul' are the result of an attempt to unify the disparate sources of information on Khul, to shine a little more light on the Dark Continent. This aim extends to its history and cultures; its flora and fauna; its cities and buildings; and all that makes up its various realms.

The encyclopaedia is evolving continually as more information is processed and is becoming as comprehensive and coherent as possible. Even those entries which have a substantial amount of information within them are open to revision as new information and ideas come to light.

There is still some raw information from the books which has not been added to the encyclopaedia (from FF20, FF23, and FF28), although all the relevant headings are in place. This stage is nearing completion however and there is already a substantial amount of information to browse through. Eventually the linkage between the various entries will become more intelligent as well. The Atlas will also become wholly interactively linked to the Encyclopaedia.

All of the raw information from the books has been catalogued into a number of categories. The encyclopaedia will eventually index all the information in a variety of ways; for instance by location and by type, e.g. Cities & Buildings; Fields & Plains; Plants; Individuals (and types of individuals) etc. On the left you can see the main alphabetical index, and below that a variety of other indexes as well.

I have added where possible dates to each entry. I hope that after everything has an entry these dates can form the basis of a comprehensive timeline.

17 November 2003, (303AC, Close, the seventeenth day thereof)

Fully Detailed Interactive Colour Map of Khul

The Book of Atlan has been significantly updated with a wonderful fully detailed interactive colour map of Khul. This map includes every location ever mentioned in the books which relate to Khul. The map is massive but has been broken down into many bitesize chunks which are all linked to one another.

At each stage you can click on an area of the map and delve deeper, or alternatively travel across the continent with the directional compass points attached to each map. Other features include small maps in the corner of each detailed map showing the area you are currently looking at in relation to the greater area of Khul within which it lies. And each area map has the same feature, but with Khul in the corner, showing that areas location within Khul. These small maps are also interactive.

Much research went into the map, and in so doing a huge amount o f information regarding Khul has also been unearthed. In time this will be linked to the map forming an authoritative Atlas and Encyclopedia of Khul, the least documented of Titan's main continents.


The Emporium has been updated on a number of occasions in between 27th Unlocking 303AC ( 27th March 2003) and today, but this is the first update since then. Sincerest apologies are owed and paid to the visitors to the Emporium for this lapse. Life in Fang outside of the Emporium has been busy these past eight months with the Guild of Merchants loading the merchants of the city down with paperwork by order of the Baron. Time spent outside of the Emporium and away from Guild paperwork has been spent mainly on discussing and developing the map. However, there have been some notable additions to the library:

Sansas, The First Noble of Khare

A most faithful interpretation of a day in the life of Sansas, the First Noble of Khare, by the esteemed scholar, Jared Milne, Lord of the Cruel Summer. It is believed that the source used for the interpretation were the diaries of Lord Sansas's secretary, Kelissa.

The Tale of King Aradax and the Scared Donkey

Taken from the book 'Lendle Folklore' by the esteemed Old World scholar Jared Milne, this particular story has many variations, and is told in many kingdoms, not only in the Old World but also in Allansia, for King Aradax ruled over a vast area of Irritaria before the Splitting of the Continents. This is the most popular version told in Lendleland.

27 March 2003, (303AC, Unlocking, the twenty seventh day thereof)

A new map from Riddling Reaver of SE Allansia in Relief was added to the Book of Atlan. Also a picture of a Silver Dragon was added to the Dragons essay. And the Links section was updated.

26 March 2003, (303AC, Unlocking, the twenty sixth day thereof)

Visitors entering the shop began to be counted.

22 March 2003, (303AC, Unlocking, the twenty second day thereof)

The reformatting of the Book of Atlan has been completed and now the same page format should be consistent throughout the Book.

Also, the Book of Atlan has been made interactive. This now means that, for instance, on the Titan map you can point and click on Allansia, Khul etc., and you will be taken to the relevant map (also the Islands which are not part of the continents, but do have maps of their own are connected to the Titan map). Then on each continental map all those regions with more detailed maps from the published books can be accessed by simply clicking on the area you want to look at in more depth. You can carry on with this method until you get down to the most detailed map of the area. Thus, in some places you may only get down to a regional map. In others, such as Blacksand, where maps are numerous in the books, you can carry on right down to street level, and in some cases, to the plans of Inns and Houses.

A number of miscellaneous errors have been corrected as well, throughout the site. This will obviously be ongoing.

14 March 2003, (303AC, Unlocking, the fourteenth day thereof)

The Emporium was back open for business. At this stage, visitors can peruse any of those places contained within the Recommendations area (please click books to the right):

The shop itself is more open and interactive and visitors will find that they can look at many places within the shop and I will be able to tell them what the object is (please see the picture of the interior of the emporium). This facility will become more and more comprehensive as I catalogue my stock. The endpoint being that you will be able to ask about anything in the shop and I will be able to give you a story behind it. Currently, many of the books are interactive in this way, and some of the objects and fixtures of the room as well. This will improve further. Please feel free to send me the titles of any books which you may feel are appropriate (at

The recommended items are fully accessible, although, obviously, improvements will be made as time goes on. Notably, the Great Book of Atlan needs some renovation work. Although accessible, I have decided to have some specialists from Kaad look at the way it is bound, so as to improve it.

I have endeavoured to ensure that my Green Crystal Pyramid is also connected to those other 'Fighting Fantasy' sites which will be of interest to the visitor.

Also, note that the Objects of the Emporium are fully accessible, as is information about the Owners. I am also happy to show visitors a brief tour of Fang.

I will continue to update this area as further enhancements and renovations are made.

A Note on Dates

I realise that some of you may be using a dating system with which I am not familiar in which you are currently in the "21st century". Bizarre, but I defer that it is used often enough to warrant my attention. Therefore, know that 2000 AD (in this strange dating system) is equivalent to 300 AC (After Chaos) in the system we are more familiar with, here in Fang. For a complete look at how Titan's calendar compares with your own please click on the image to the right:


The shop itself officially began life in 292 AC. I, Enkyn, inherited some money from my father, a tax inspector for Baron Sukumvit. He was murdered down in the Dwight's Wharf area of Fang when 'negotiating' a settlement with some of the local residents. With some additional support from Landor Shanzul, I was able to obtain a small property here at the bottom of Prakkan Hill and fill it with some modest stock.

It had been gradually growing in size for a number of years and recently I decided that it was time to reorganise it, to make it more accessible to visitors.

In 303 AC I began the process of renovation, closing the shop between the beginning of Freeze (January) and the thirteenth day of Unlocking (March)