A Rare and Special Sword



The Sword you have taken an interest in is a most special item.

When the Baron decided to test his new Dungeon a number of years ago, he sent in ten of his finest guards. Although fully armed and well trained, none returned. It was after this that Sukumvit announced the first Trial of Champions.

The guards of the Charavask Household are of the highest quality and are given special swords on becoming a member of this elite corps. The swords are from the Imperial Goldoran Legion, whose last stand was 300 years ago in the War of the Wizards. The swords are made from Fangthane Steel.

This is such a sword. More importantly, it is the sword belonging to one of the ten guardsman who gave their lives for the Baron's creation. The Baron has the Dungeon sweept of all weapons prior to the next trial. Many of the items go astray and can often be found at the Swordsmaster's Arms Tavern after a while. The owner of the Swordsmasters needed a favour of me, involving avoiding a certain 'life or death' tax related issue (literally). With my family's connections in that area I was able to swing his fate towards the 'life' option (thus avoiding the Baron's attentions). He gave me the sword in token of his appreciation.

It is one of my most prized possessions, and to be honest, I don't want to sell it.

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